Our History

Agility, Inc. opened it's doors in June of 1993 with the intention of providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products and services to the IBM AS400 user community.  As a certified Solution Provider for the MAPICS software platform we have focused solely on that product line.   

Now owned by Infor, Inc., the Infor XA product remains a solid ERP platform for the modern manufacturer.  We continue to enhance our products marketed by Infor, Inc. (Intersite Logistics, Multi-Site Intersite Logistics, and Material Logistics), as well as our own products which we offer direct.  If you have multiple locations, multiple warehouses, multiple distribution centers, essentially anything "multi", our products will transform your operation.  Offered globally, these products are found in some of the largest international manufacturers.

We chose the name Agility from a paper written in 1993 by Dr. Steven L. Goldman, Technical Director of the Agile Manufacturing Enterprise Forum-Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University. That paper entitled “Agile Manufacturing-A New Production Paradigm for Society”, described a new method of production for manufacturing, “Agile Manufacturing” as:

“…the ability to thrive in a competitive environment of continuous and unanticipated change, to respond quickly to rapidly changing markets driven by customer-based valuing of products and services…”

And so you see the essence of who we still are today. It was our goal to not only emulate these characteristics, but be identified with corporations who also would embrace them. Customer-based products/services, nimble and able to adapt, and living in an environment that is always competitive and changing. It is the ability to respond to these changes that has continued to fuel our success.