The Conversion Utility for Infor ERP XA has been designed to dramatically reduce the time, effort, and cost associated with a data conversion to XA. The Conversion Utility gives a simple and effective method for migrating data from other ERP systems as well as legacy mainframes and older proprietary software packages. Historically, software conversions required programmers to map fields and create cumbersome conversion scripts. This could be a long, expensive and sometimes inaccurate way of porting historical information to a new software package.  The benefits of automating this process include:

  • "On-time" implementations as they become a series of predictable, controlled events
  • "Hands on" training using "real" data to help ensure user acceptance
  • Instantaneous, menu-driven, updating of the new database to support a Conference Room Piloting methodology
  • Reduced implementation expenses providing quicker ROI

Conversion Utility