InterSite PropaGator is the latest enhancement created for companies using the Infor XA ERP system and the MISL module. InterSite PropaGator has been designed to keep applications, files, and data current across multiple Infor XA ERP environments. It can be used on multiple environments on a single System i or an unlimited number of System i's. One of the most difficult tasks in running multiple Infor XA environments is keeping files synchronized across the enterprise. Historically this process would require time consuming replications or custom codding, or worse yet, re-keying of data. InterSite PropaGator is not program specific and utilizes IBM DB2 for i triggers, so it can be used to propagate nearly any file, record, or field of data. PropaGator is configurable and works in real-time, so all users in all locations see changes as they happen. IBM Common Programming Interface Communications (CPI-C) programming and use of IBM Anynet/Enterprise Extender facilitate the "middleware" for intelligent communications between all systems. Developed using RPG IV and ILE RPG, it is maintained using the IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems toolset to insure the integration of latest features, and is available for i5.4, i6.1 and i7.1 for your System i or Power System. InterSite Propagator is a fast, simple, and effective solution to a very pressing problem!

Intersite Propagator