The needs of today's manufacturers and distributors are varied, but trends have emerged which show a need to better manage the supply chain. Increasingly, businesses are seeing the need to become geographically dispersed to better handle the demands of their customers. Multi-site and even multi-company enterprises have become the new norm.

Material Logistics is the Infor Development Framework (IDF) replacement application for ISL/MISL for Infor XA ERP 7.8 and 9.0.  With enhanced capabilities, the advantage is two-fold:  Ease of setup and the ability to take advantage of all the Power-Link features and functionality.  A very convenient and non-intrusive migration path has been developed to allow any company to go from the host applications to the IDF.

ML features and functions include:

  • Creation and maintenance of Transfer orders within and across environments from ML, OBPM or MRP
  • Multiple items and releases per Transfer order
  • Shipping of the Customer order that is associated with the Transfer order from CSM/COM
  • Use of IDF view, subset, sort, search, etc. tools
  • Receiving of the scheduled receipt that is associated with the Transfer order within MM
  • Designate demand or supply owned inventory when an order is shipped
  • Designate whether or not the customer order, when shipped, is allowed to be invoiced
  • The ability to pass Transfer order demand from one warehouse to another
  • Accounts payable invoice (API) processing for those orders that are invoiced
  • Deferred transfer order release
  • Change default location capability
  • ML will use MM, Scheduled Receipts for receiving
  • Ease of editing open and released transfer orders
  • Attachments
  • Deployable over the internet (with Net-Link)
  • Ability to use MM transfer non-netable in-transit locations
  • Multi-sourcing (Integration of Transfer Order Planning)
  • Fully compatible with Thru-Put and VPi