Leave the details to us!  Agility consultants have excelled at managing operations for years. Leverage that knowledge so that you can focus on managing your business, not your IT operation.

Infor XA Core Services:

  • Initial Audit, Discovery and Documentation (2-3 days)
  • Performance Analysis
    • Percentage of resources used
    • SQL Index review
    • Disk utilization
    • Review files needing reorganization
    • Spool file review
    • Review number of jobs in the system
    • System cleanup and health review
  • IBM i hardware and PTF level review
  • User profile/security review
  • PowerLink log size review
  • Assist in move to IBM i Access Client Solutions from IBM Client Access for Windows
  • Upgrade to Java Coretto
  • Terminal services connections
  • Review PTF levels
  • Apply PTFs
  • XA license anniversary review
  • Review Infor XA and IBM i backup and recovery strategy - automate operations
  • Review production, test, and development environments
  • Perform an annual or bi-annual audit (2-3 days)

Infor XA Managed Services

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